Sunday, July 28, 2013

Newest Updates on my Accutane Progress + DO's and DONT's of Accutane

Sorry for the late posts, but I had finals and went on a small road trip to Cape Cod. I had a lot of lobster and lobster rolls. There goes the diet :( I have to admit that I have not been the greatest at keeping with my diet rules, drinking enough water, or even moisturizing my lips. 

On my way to Cape Cod, I have forgotten my birth control and Accutane medication with me. I was panicking and did not know what to do. Luckily, the doctor was still in the office. She assured me that missing two to three doses of Accutane was okay. However, I am not to make up for the doses of Accutane when I return back home. During my trip, my skin did not feel as dry nor did my lips feel as chapped. 

My face is clearing up, no new acne appeared. I was getting better, even the redness is slowly disappearing. However, I did the worst things I possibly could have done while I was on Accutane.

There is a list of "DONT'S" for those on Accutane:

  1. Tanning
  2. Waxing
  3. Get a facial
  4. Get a chemical peel
  5. Get a microdermabrasion
These actions will lead to permanent scarring on the skin because the skin is undergoing such an abrasive medication. The skin is fairly thin and any of these acts will cause the skin to scar. Unlike popping a pimple, these scars can become permanent. I have tried to not pop pimples or extract blackheads with a needle, in order to avoiding any scarring. Please be very very careful!

I also have a list of DONTs that would help avoid any breakouts during Accutane. These suggestions are from my personal experiences of acne and while on Accutane.

Things To DOs/DONTs:
  1. DO NOT Eat Beef
    • Beef sold in the market today have all been genetically modified to be fat and beef itself contains a lot of hormones. When these hormones enter our body, there is an imbalance of the hormones in our body and the cow's hormones. This is often what causes acne along the chin and jaw line, which is associated with hormonal imbalance or often called hormonal acne.
  2. DO NOT Eat trigger foods like pizza, chips, bbq, all that bad food
    • You already know, they are bad bad foods. Deep fried foods trigger acne!!! I do not know why, but if I eat chips the very next day I will have three new pimples. Not a good sight!
  3. Eat less white foods like rice, white bread, potatoes, pasta --> switch to only whole grain
    • White foods are also a major cause of hormonal acne because white foods are packed of sugar and considered "bad carbs"
  4. Avoid soy sauce and high sodium foods
    • In my culture, soy sauce can darken scars and in turn make them last longer. High sodium foods also cause our hormone levels to go off balance and make you very thirsty. Your body needs the water to cleanse out toxics and keep your skin hydrated. When your skin is dry, your body secretes more oil and that oil could cause acne. That's why moisturizing is important and so is drinking water.
  5. Avoid processed foods (anything that comes out of a factory, refined grains like white bread, etc)
    • My new rule of thumb is anything with a commercial is bad for you. Think about it.  Commercials are to sell their product, but they are just packed of sugar and sodium. Try cooking your own foods and pack ahead of time. You will see a clearer complexion and feel more alive once you break out of the cycle of processed foods.
  6. Avoid sugary foods (coffee, breakfast cereal, froyo, spaghetti sauce)
    • Sugary foods can also increase hormones and hormones, in turn, trigger acne. At each sugar spike in the blood, our hormones are trying to balance the sugar levels. Each time our hormones are out of whack, we break out. Acne could be consider an indication of what goes on in our body

Excuse the long list, but hope this helps with the "Accutane acne" or for those more fortunate acne. 

My skin looks so much better. I will be sharing my new skincare routine since I have been on Accutane, which has helped a lot to combat dryness and breakouts. This picture was taken two hours after I showered and the redness is not as visible. Back then, the redness would last for hours and hours. It was just horrible to look at. Thank you Accutane!


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