Thursday, July 4, 2013

Accutane Day 6

Happy July 4th everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful BBQ and enjoyed the fireworks! It is super humid in New York City. Although I was hoping for 90 degree weather, it is way to hot for an outdoor BBQ. So I BBQed at my boyfriend's home. 

The acne is still present on my chin and the one on my nose is very very painful. It is bright red and tender to the touch. I hate the ones that are red, where it is not yet ripe but glaring out. Unlike the yellow ones, I cannot make it go away. It is basically the waiting game to see if I blow up first or the pimple pop first. 

Today is also no makeup day. What I love the most about my boyfriend is that he does not mind if I wear makeup or not. He actually said that It looks as if I was healing already. The redness is fading slowly, but the pimples on my chin are no longer there. It makes me so happy that there is another place in the world besides my room that I can be where I do not need to wear makeup and not be judged for my acne. 

Sometimes, when I watch YouTube videos and see these girls with one blemish, I do not see why they pack pounds and pounds of foundation, concealer, and eye makeup. I am so jealous of their blemish-free skin. It is so hard to wake up every morning and see a new pimple again and again. And makeup just makes me feel so uncomfortable such that I am very aware that I have makeup on. I also worry if my makeup becomes cakey or my blemish peeps out of the foundation. And then it happens all over again the next day. I think that is the reason that I decided to take Accutane. It took me a month after I was approved and given the medication to actually take Accutane. At the end I felt that I would rather break out and be dry for six months than to break out inconsistently for a couple more years. 


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