Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 1 Accutane (Again)

Hi everyone! So I am super excited about starting Accutane again! But not for that dark spot on my nose :( So i have not figured out how and when that came about, but it was only a scar! Now it is a dried blood scar that I cannot cover with foundation or concealer. Have you ever had spots you just cannot conceal no matter what you do?

I have the worst self control ever! I just need to get that acne or spot off my face the next day. But this time, I was being a good girl and it paid off!! I understand the whole "don't pick your pimple," but sometimes when you get the monstrous size ones you just want it to flatten and disappear right away.  I did my regular skin routine, which I have added new products to. I will be doing an updated skin care routine hopefully soon!

I would say that I do not have many side effects yet. My lips are not chapped nor is my skin flakey or dry yet. Maybe because I am on a lower dosage. I hope that it will stay that way throughout my regime!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Starting Accutane Again

Sorry for the very very late blog update. I have been having trouble with school work and side work for my study abroad. So during my visit to the dermatologist, she hesitated to allow me to take Accutane again. She had asked me to take antibiotics that do nothing for me for several more years and my acne should be less severe. However, after careful discussion with other dermatologists at the office, she had agreed to monitor my progress while undergoing a lower dosage of Accutane. 

Excited to say, I am taking Accutane again. I believe that my acne has gotten much better. I have experienced less inflammation on other parts of my body. Even though I have to deal with the excessive dryness and horrible makeup, I think in the long run I would be happy with the results. I am just hoping that Accutane does not damage my liver. That just means going back to trying a different antibiotics or medication each month. 

So my acne has not been severely horrible as it was. BUT there was several small pimples around my lip and jawline. They are not yellow nor "ripe." I couldn't pop them, but I was afraid that it would spread. The area is rather rough and bumpy, probably from the benzoyl peroxide cream I used. 

The box looks pretty much the same, except it is a lower dosage of 20mg. The pill is a different color, but it is pretty much the same. I am still continuing my birth control, which I felt was actually keeping my acne along my jawline under control, definitely not the antibiotics. 

So the second time around, I think I am going to find ways to improve my liver health. Perhaps, alcohol is not a good idea to have during these next few months. And maybe a diet with more dark leafy greens. Any suggestions?