Friday, June 28, 2013

Day before Accutane

After five years of acne, its time to say enough is enough! I will be starting Accutane tomorrow and I am somewhat scared but excited to finally say no more acne. I am scared because of the horrifying stories and side effects. When you google Accutane stories, you hear about people going on fifth and sixth trials and still no luck with acne. For the first three months, your acne actually gets worst even though it is really a sign of getting better. Evidently, you will get scars from "accutane acne" as some people referred it. Side effects are not limited to dry lips, peeling skin, birth defects, dry nose, and depression. 

So, I want to track the progress of my acne while on Accutane to record any change. As you can see in the flash and no flash picture, my chin is where most of my acne is right now. My forehead and cheeks has a few scars. The large pore on my nose is still there. 

This picture is hard to tell but it is actually acne and acne stars between my breasts. There are several "blood clot" like marks, which I have asked my dermatologist about. She informed me that I do not need to drain out the blood. I use to have more pus filled acne, but not it has calmed down to acne scars and marks. 

This is the one month box, with three small packs. It is the generic brand called Claravis as provided by my insurance. Once daily pill along with my birth control, which is required by law for women to take along with Accutane. Accutane will cause birth defects and in the eyes of the law, if you have your period, you can get pregnant, sexually active or not. My dermatologist also informed me to incorporate more veggies into my diet. I will return for a monthly blood test and assessment of how Accutane is working. 

To be honest, I am very very scared because I do not know how I will react to Accutane. I do not want to break out even more than right now. I do not want scars from breaking out while on Accutane. I hope that it is not as bad as people say. Wish my luck and follow me on this journey!

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