Saturday, June 29, 2013

Accutane Day 1

Most of the time, I take my breaktfast on the go because i either have a class to go to or errands to run. A good breakfast sets you up for a good day! So i decided to have a piece of whole wheat bread with a banana. I prefer the riper, less brown ones. I think brown bananas are so mushy and blahh. 

I did not take a front face picture, but I promised a picture everyday. You can see that my chin is relatively red. It was patchy and very uncomfortable, but for days where I am just running errands and have no where to be, I try not to wear makeup and let my skin breathe. 

For a quick bite, I grabbed a salmon onigiri or rice ball from my trip to Mitsuwa during the week. Rice balls are so so so good plus I love how easy I can put them in my bag and eat it in class or on the train. Perfect for being on the go!

I finally got home and found wontons in my fridge! Yummy! It looks like there is a lot here, but it was not all for me, just too lazy to grab another plate :X And that brown spot in the corner is satay sauce, which adds more flavor and a kick to wontons.

I promised to be a good girl and eat very healthy, so I am having rice (of course!) and broccoli with chicken. By the way, it is the best chicken ever, but I did not make this nor do I know what goes it in. My boyfriend's mother would cook a whole chicken and shred it into smaller pieces. Unlike broiled chicken, it is soft and silky! I hope to find out what the recipe is so I can learn to make it myself!

Because I had a BBQ last weekend, I have been breaking out and feeling a little dull. So my boyfriend's mother also made this "soup" of chinese herbal medicines that is suppose to clear acne and relieve the "heatness" in my body. It is "cooling" and good for you, but the smell is very strong. It is sweet with flavors of date and dried longan, but doesn't not have any of that in there. Sorry I do not know what is in there or I will definitely share the recipe.

Day is almost over and I just have to get one shot in where I am wearing makeup. I was going to meet some friends and hang out for the night since it was Saturday. Sorry the picture is not very clear. I promise better pictures tomorrow!

My friends ditched me by the end of the night, so my family decided to grab dessert instead. This was from a small dessert place that just opened in Chinatown. I was super excited for them to open a dessert place because I would always have to drive to Brooklyn to get some yummy sweets. Can you guess which one is mine? I got mango tofu, which I thought was going to be not very sweet and a much healthier choice. The top left corner is black sticky rice with coconut milk, which was not very good. The best was the two right ones, which are mango pomelo. It has mango, sago, and grapefruit. It is very creamy and delicious! 

I know it is too early to tell how Accutane is working on my body, but I have high hopes that Accutane will be the cure I have been looking for. I have given up foods that I use to love love love and it is very hard to avoid all the delicious mouthwatering convenient foods out there. But I believe that after six months, if I was good and ate healthier, my acne will be more manageable. 

Best Wishes,

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