Monday, October 7, 2013

Update! Week 2 Accutane

Hi everyone :) Fall is quickly approaching and it's sad to say that it is already October. But I have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to! A psychologist once said that women who are happy have things that they anticipate. When we anticipate things that make us happy and excite us, we are put into that happy mood and have something to look forward to. What are you looking forward to this month?

Week Two is here and I am starting to feel the change in my lips and nose. I totally jynxed it! I am starting to get those nose bleeds and/or dry bloody nose in the morning. With the season change, my allergies are starting to act up. During spring, I hardly felt the symptoms of allergy. But this fall, my eyes are itchy and patchy. My nose is super super itchy and stuffy. I would blow my nose and specks of blood would be present. 

In turns of side effects of Accutane, my nose is extremely flakey and dry just like it was the first time I took Acctuane. My lips are extremely chapped and peeling more than usual. I have had one pimple on my chin but that was a reaction to the vaseline on my lips. Interestingly, vaseline does not break my out on my nose but breaks me out on my chin. I have had inflammation on the keloids on my body. Other than the dry skin and lips, I do not see any change from Accutane. 


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